A day in the life of a Program Director – Ben Williams

“What the heck is a Program Director? Do you work in TV or something?”

Sadly, the closest I’ve ever got to TV is being horizontal on my sofa watching The Project after work! I understand the confusion though, as it’s a role that translates to different things in different industries. At Bunch, it’s a hybrid role of project management and client services. We oversee teams of project managers and subject matter experts (SMEs) across multiple projects within multiple programs of work for our clients. Project management inception if you will.

Adding a bit of spicy mayo to that mix, I’m involved in Design Thinking projects and lead programs in our People Solutions and Capability teams.

So if you don’t work in TV, what do you actually do?

The bowler hat in the Bunch logo is very apt. As a Program Director, I wear multiple hats on any day of the week depending on the colleague, client I’m collaborating with or task I’m working on. Also, there is quite a lot of caffeine involved.

Bowler Hat One

A quick stand-up with the delivery team to talk about key activities for the day, the support we need and what superpower we’d most like to have. I choose telekinesis; obviously.

Bowler Hat Two

The creative hat. Simone McDonald and I kick off the day collaborating on Mural to ideate possible delivery approaches to a new brief from a client. We tap into Design Thinking ideation scenarios, look at the brief from all angles and come up with a Bunchy way of delivering an awesome solution.

Bowler Hat Three

Time to wear my reading hat and start researching current trends in Employee Experience. I browse articles from CultureAMP, Deloitte, Josh Bersin and more, falling down a rabbit hole of ideas and data in the process.

Bowler Hat Four

I put on my chef’s hat and sit down for a (usually, but not always) healthy lunch.

Bowler Hat Five

A swift change into my most sensible hat as I check my e-mails. A concentration playlist spins in the background as I meticulously work through my inbox, then my Action First folders, hoping to stay on top of the red flag situation!

Bowler Hat Six

A quick costume change and I don my project management hat for a client project WIP. One of our project managers leads to the discussion. I’m asked for special comments and to help to facilitate the decision-making process during the session. 

Bowler Hat Seven

My final hat of the day and I jump back in to start updating our People Solutions products (or even designing them from scratch) following my research rabbit hole earlier in the day.

Bonus Bowler Hat

It’s Friday at 4:30 pm so the party hat comes out. Time to enjoy a well-deserved glass of something that’s not caffeine-infused with the whole team at Bunch.

That’s a LOT of hats. And nothing to do with TV.

After a day like that, I’m pretty much ready to be horizontal on the sofa watching The Project!