A day in the life of an Event Producer – Sarah Harvey

When asked what I do for a living, my typical response is telling people my job title – Event Producer. This is usually met with “wow that must be exciting” or “I planned my wedding once and have no clue how you do that for a job!”

So I thought I’d give you all a little insight into a typical day in my life in the Events and Experiences team here at Bunch, so you can make up your own mind if these two statements are true!


  • Alarm is buzzing, reminding me of the grand plans I had to make it to the gym. I did put out my clothes the night before and know how energized I will feel later so better get up and get going!


  • Spin class, five minutes in I remember this class is part workout part dance party due to the instructor’s love of 1980s classics. 45 minutes is over in a flash.


  • Back home to feed Luna (1-year-old Staffy x Kelpie who has too much love to give) and make breakfast. Have a quick scan of the news sites then get ready for the day.

My gorgeous puppy, Luna


  • One more Luna cuddle, farewell to James (my fiancé) and out the door to make it in time for the V-Line train. Commuting from Geelong does have its challenges, but today the sun is shining and I have a new podcast to listen to.


  • Made it to Southern Cross and ready to walk to the Bunch office in South Melbourne. The tram would get me there faster, but I prefer the fresh air and to finish this podcast.


  • Arrive at the office to the smiling faces of other early risers. Joggers off, laptop on, tea made ready to start the day.


  • After catching up on overnight emails, it is time to join the team to start the day as we always do with a huddle. Each person shares their three “rocks” to complete before the day is out. Today mine are:
    1. Work with our video editor to complete two client videos.
    2. Prepare the budget for a client’s award ceremony.
    3. Support our Project Coordinator Bridget on the delivery of a Christmas activation.


  • The morning has gone fast but managed to get our editor onto the changes for the videos and approve a couple of documents for Bridget. Today we have a lunch and learn session from our Communications Director, Kane on storytelling. I grab my lunch from the fridge and join the Bunch team around the kitchen table.


  • Great session from Kane, I can totally see how I could practically apply this to many projects including MC scripting and communication initiatives. Back to my desk to develop the award ceremony budget ready for a client presentation on Friday. I’ll run through the event from start to finish, costing each element and considering the client’s budget, I think we can come up with a great end product!


  • Budget complete, sent off to Rowena, our Operations Director for a second opinion. A last minute request has come in to amend a design file for the client. Luckily our graphic designer Clare can shift a few things to quickly complete and send back to the client to make their COB deadline. Glad we are able to move quickly and help!


  • Productive day, ready to hit the pavement and walk back to Southern Cross. Going to take the opportunity on the train home to get ahead of the to-do list for tomorrow. It is quiet, uninterrupted time that I totally take advantage of!


  • Home and cooking dinner with James sharing our adventures of the day. Once dinner is finished up, we sit to tick off a couple of wedding planning actions. Being my day job is an Event Producer, we just cover off a couple of things each week so I don’t feel like it is another project!


  • In bed early to try and make the gym again, only a 50/50 chance this time!

So there you have it – a pretty typical workday, collaborating with most of the office on a range of projects and client needs. Onsite days definitely differ with longer hours and a more tightly managed agenda, but all of that is worth it in the end for the sense of achievement.

Overall I love what I do. I am a problem solver at heart so whether I’m working on a three-day, 500 person conference or rolling out a roadshow for a luxury car brand, I am all in. So I guess the two statements at the start of this article are true…it is a challenging job, but we do get our fair share of excitement!


On-site event day feels