Bunch insights: People and transformation

Bunch insights: People and transformation

Some thoughts from Glyn Wallens, our Client Strategy Director, on why engaging your people is so critical to a successful business transformation.

Transformations aren’t easy, in fact over 70% of transformations fail.

We see the challenge is not simply about building a strategy with the best consulting partner but rather bringing that strategy to life through your people.

A successful transformation can only happen if your people are authentically engaged.

One pathway to realise that, is through great communications and great experiences. Some call it the soft stuff, but in reality it’s the hard stuff. Transformations are challenging, but it’s critical to realise that people are the mortar between your bricks.

Transformations are not simply about new systems or processes, it’s about engaging your people in a meaningful way, to realise the value of the transformation sooner.

At Bunch, we love working with clients to connect their people to new transformation strategies, visions and values. Our strategic and creative approach drives new attitudes and behaviours – and results that last.

If you’re embarking on a transformation of any kind, why not chat to Glyn or one of the Bunch team about inspiring your people to embrace change and do things differently. We’d love to chat.

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