How do you help a luxury car brand
evolve and excite?

Captivate key customers and influencers with a series of electrifying launch events.

With less than three weeks lead time, we worked with Publicis Emil to launch Mercedes-Benz’ first ever electric vehicle – the EQC – with a series of bespoke launch events across three cities featuring:

  • State-of-the-art touchpoints and installations to showcase electric innovation and sustainability
  • Three content ‘pods’ aligned to the future of mobility, EQC Electric and  Charging & Infrastructure
  • A dynamic panel discussion with international experts
  • 200 prospective buyers got an opportunity to engage with the brand’s groundbreaking evolution to battery-powered vehicles

“Bunch did a great job 
of managing all the different elements and multiple event days with a whole lot 
of moving parts.”

– Group Account Director, 
Publicis Emil