The little hat that could

Why a bowler hat you may ask?

Created in 1849 as an alternative to fragile top hats that were knocked off a wearer’s head while on horseback, the iconic bowler has proved to be one of the most enduring and successful hats ever designed.

From the prairies of the Wild West to the streets of London to the mountains of Bolivia, the bowler quickly became the headgear of choice for every stratum of society around the world. Butlers, bankers outlaws, gamekeepers, street vendors, cavalry officers, union diehards, progressive women, cabaret performers, dockers, detectives, dictators and film stars – they all wore the hat with pride.

At Bunch, we celebrate the bowler hat and all that it stands for – outstanding craftsmanship, proven versatility, unique style and a timeless ability to unite people in a shared story, regardless of their differences and distances.

In many ways, it represents who we are – 20 years strong and constantly evolving to stay at the forefront of engaging people and ensure that our offering is as distinctive as our hat! Every now and then a bowler hat sneaks onto the head of one of our team members. Keep an eye out when we’re next on a video call.