Giving our brand a bit of love

Like many agencies, we’ve been so focused on getting the best out of (and for) the brands we work with, that we’ve probably neglected our own.

But no more.

This year, as well as celebrating our 20th anniversary, we’ve been working hard on Bunch itself to better reflect who we are, what we stand for, how we look and how we can continue to add value for our clients.   

It’s always an interesting challenge when an agency becomes its own client. Plumber and leaky tap anyone?  But this was a great opportunity to put into practice what we would normally advise our clients to do. 

Over the past few months, we’ve engaged our own people to update our brand. We looked at every aspect – the language, identity, style, positioning and more – and noticed some inconsistencies. We needed to be firmer on what was no longer working and decide what we wanted to keep. We kept reminding ourselves of the purpose of the rebrand to help differentiate us. We’re not your usual communications agency. We’re Bunch.

It wasn’t just about adding some vibrant colours into the mix (beautiful as they are!). We needed to articulate our offer better and represent the enormous range of work we do with our clients. We also wanted to retain the essence of who we are – and what we believe in – while reflecting our evolution. This definitely couldn’t be depicted with stock shots so we invested in new photography to let our creativity flourish.

We particularly love the way we’ve brought our brand to life through imagery of people and authentic expressions, because, put simply, we’re all in the people business! Whether it’s capturing and celebrating their stories in a powerful way or inspiring them to help achieve strategic goals, we’re all about engaging people.

And now have a refreshed brand that’s as engaging as our work.