Make your events and experiences the talk of the town

How do you create an event or experience that truly connects, inspires and is remembered well after the lights come up? For the past 20 years, we’ve been working hard to crack this! From employees to consumers across brand experiences, activations, leadership forums, exhibitions and conferences, what’s the magic formula?

While every event or experience should be uniquely tailored to the audience, we believe the main ingredient for success is stimulating interaction that fuels inspiration.

‘84% of event organisers believe that interactive engagement solutions have the biggest impact in maximising audience engagement.’

– The Bizzabo Blog 2019: Event Marketing Statistics, Trends and Data.

The audience has the answers.

Always begin with the audience in mind and focus on what they’re looking for:

  • Fresh experiences that create conversations
  • Unique content that is related to their interests
  • Innovative ideas to spark creativity
  • Knowing what’s expected of their participation beforehand
  • Recognition and reward for their active participation

For a successful event or experience:

  • Set objectives – clear and measurable objectives will help monitor and improve performance
  • Gather insights – gain compelling audience insights to help influence the agenda
  • Plan, plan, plan – put effort into planning and you’ll be rewarded
  • Good comms is critical – effective communication pre, during and post-event helps amplify engagement
  • Connect – create an authentic cultural connection
  • Integrate – make your event part of a broader engagement strategy
  • Fun – make sure people have a great time. 

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is a great example of an event that inspires us. The week is anchored to fashion, with design and culture seamlessly integrated into brand activities. Each experience is distinct and highly immersive and the event production features the latest technology to enable Fashion Week to come alive.

So if you’re looking for some event inspiration, look no further! What other events hit the mark with you? Let us know in the comments below.