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Adapting and evolving our workplaces through great communication and leadership

We’ve all seen our workplaces forced to rapidly adjust to the impacts of COVID-19. While this has been disruptive, there are many positives to draw upon as we accelerate into our new reality – if […]

COVID-19: Be there for your team as restrictions ease

The future of work is here. So how are you re-engaging your people? 2020…we have never been through a time like this, and we’re likely to see enduring changes to the way we go about […]

Leadership during COVID-19

Some thoughts from our Managing Director, Chris Cansfield, on what defines leaders during times of crisis.  On a daily basis, I am reading articles on LinkedIn that suggest my actions during this pandemic will “define […]

Download the Gatehouse State of the Sector 2020 Report

If you’re an internal communications professional wondering what other like-minded internal comms practitioners are planning, experiencing and overcoming right now, look no further. The Gatehouse State of the Sector 2020 Report is here! This global […]

Some thoughts from Leon Anh on interning at Bunch

Experience is invaluable, you just can’t buy the knowledge and insights you gain from real work experience. More than 75% of workplaces require applicants to have some degree of relevant work experience for them to […]