Some thoughts from Leon Anh on interning at Bunch

Experience is invaluable, you just can’t buy the knowledge and insights you gain from real work experience.

More than 75% of workplaces require applicants to have some degree of relevant work experience for them to be even be considered a candidate.

As a pending graduate, I recognised my need for such experience and sought to participate in an internship program.

After getting in touch with Alison Lasek, Communications Manager at Bunch, I was offered an internship position and it has been an insightful and rewarding opportunity.

During my time at Bunch, I primarily focused on Internal Comms, one of Bunch’s five capabilities, which revolves around the development and delivery of internal communications. Led by my supervisor Kane Lillywhite, Communications Director at Bunch, I completed a wide range of tasks that included: extensive research regarding topics relevant to ongoing campaigns and internal projects, information database development and creating social media mock-ups.

The three main things I’ve taken away from my experience at Bunch would be:

  • The Importance of research – there is more research that goes into a campaign than people seem to believe and it is justified. Conducting thorough research and identifying meaningful insights is the basis for a project, it is vital for a project’s success and should not be taken lightly.
  • Productivity requires self-motivation – you can’t expect people to be there monitoring and encouraging you to work, you have to encourage yourself.
  • Sometimes you need to take a step back and employ some critical thinking – as my colleague Ben Williams wrote in his piece on the topic, taking a step back to assess the situation from all angles can be the key to determining your next best move. 

I have learned so much interning at Bunch over the last few weeks. The knowledge and experience I have taken away is invaluable. I am proud of the work that I accomplished and am grateful for the opportunity to apply all the skills and knowledge I’ve gained through my studies.

The advice I would give to those about to start an internship:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – your supervisor and peers are there to help you
    Ask for more work, be proactive and make the most out of your time
  • Request feedback when possible, there is always room for improvement
    And most importantly, enjoy yourself!

I give my thanks to the wonderful team who has guided and supported me during my time at Bunch, they are a bunch of great people. I wish them nothing but the best for 2020!