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Capability for the future…when everything and nothing has changed

In 2006 I sat in a room with my team as we prepared to deliver a 5-day leadership development program. The program was about preparing leaders for the future and building their capability in the […]

Adapting and evolving our workplaces through great communication and leadership

We’ve all seen our workplaces forced to rapidly adjust to the impacts of COVID-19. While this has been disruptive, there are many positives to draw upon as we accelerate into our new reality – if […]

Good communication is not a glitter cannon on Day 1

We’ve all seen it in organisations. A new initiative or change program kicks off on “Day 1” with fanfare, but then is not supported with ongoing, meaningful employee engagement. Soon the initiative evaporates or crisis […]

Bunch Insights

Bunch insights: People and transformation

Some thoughts from Glyn Wallens, our Client Strategy Director, on why engaging your people is so critical to a successful business transformation.  

A successful transformation is in the hands of the leaders

When a CEO or Head of Transformation embarks upon a major change initiative (business transformation, merger or acquisition), it is common for them to be clear on their destination, but not clear on their journey. […]