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Giving our brand a bit of love

Like many agencies, we’ve been so focused on getting the best out of (and for) the brands we work with, that we’ve probably neglected our own. But no more. This year, as well as celebrating […]

Internal comms: Afterthought or powerful employee engagement tool?

Can you directly attribute changes in engagement to communications or campaigns running within your organisation? I might be fired for saying this, but I think the answer is ‘no’. While many factors, both inside and […]

Happy not to be engaged?

Happiness and engagement – one and the same or totally different ideals? Let’s explore. Happiness is a very personal and individual feeling, which makes it very difficult to measure. We all know that work is […]

Sounding smart doesn’t need jargon.

Picture this. You’re in an important business meeting and most of your colleagues sound like they’re speaking another language. It’s a unique hybrid of English and robotic speak – otherwise popularly known as jargon. It’s […]

I find your lack of passion disturbing.

When you meet someone who is passionate about what they do, you can tell in an instant Their eyes light up when they talk. Their stories are compelling. They invite you into their world. They […]