Tech trends to help your event come alive!

It’s definitely an understatement to say that event technology has evolved significantly since we began in the industry 20 years ago. Today, online registrations and event apps are essential event tech that we use at most of our events, and we think the results speak for themselves.

The numbers don’t lie. Event technology has been shown to increase event attendance by 20%, increase productivity by 27%, and decrease costs by as much as 30%.

Here are some of the innovative ideas and software available in the event technology space that get us excited!

Virtual Reality (VR) and Live 360 video. Engage remote attendees with a more immersive experience or a live product demo. We love the work of Igloo Vision – pioneers in the space of VR. Their tech truly helps an event come to life…the only limitation is your imagination!

Augmented Reality (AR). The clever use of AR provides the chance to reinvent experiences at events. It also unlocks opportunities to increase the overall engagement of attendees. Oh, and it’s not just for meetings and events – check out how the Australian Army is using AR to enhance the future soldier on their website here.

Artificial Intelligence (AI). The buzzword of the moment! For an event, AI’s potential varies from a virtual concierge service to its use in facial recognition to speed up registration processes and enhance security.

Event diagramming. The ultimate event planning tool. Create interactive floorplans, 3D walk throughs and seating maps through the use of simple drag-and-drop software. Event diagramming was successfully used by Forbes for their Under 30 Summit to facilitate the participant journey of over 7,000 attendees. 

Real time run sheets. Shoflo is a super handy event production tool that allows you to make real time changes to run sheets ensuring that you’re always one step ahead. And it’s great for the environment – no more endless printing of run sheet each time something changes!

So the next time you’re at an event, keep an eye out for the tech that’s being used. Chances are you’ll see some on this list!