Tips for an event that connects

Eat, sleep, event, repeat.

With so many events around the corner and the year coming to a close, let’s take a moment to share what we think is important to make any event, activation or conference stand out from the rest!

  1. Get the basics right

Event briefs need to be crystal clear before you begin. Clarify the audience’s needs, backgrounds and their purpose for attending. It’s important not to rush the briefing process as it could cost time and money in the long run if things fall short.

  1. The big idea

Once you’ve gathered insights about the audience, start to think about the big idea for the event and the different ways to execute it. This is one of our favourite parts of the process, working as a creative team to brainstorm ideas and explore options.

  1. Aesthetics vs substance

This may be surprising for some, but events aren’t always about aesthetics. Yes, first impressions do count and you want that wow factor when an attendee first walks into a venue. But where’s the substance? An event that makes you feel, think and do something is one that everyone will remember.

Some of the best events have a great cause behind them – one where a story is told that pulls on your heartstrings. Think back to the events you love. How did they make you feel? Draw on these insights for inspiration.

  1. Find the right environment

Location, location, location! This can make or break an event so make sure you’re always on the lookout for new and exciting venues that have the potential to be transformed. All elements need to be considered throughout the process including sustainability and the environment, so you’re not wasteful.

  1. Engage the senses

How far can you push the senses when it comes to creating an immersive experience and getting the mood right? We think pretty far! We recently worked with Asahi on the Asahi Inaugural Excellence Awards. The creative theme was inspired by Japanese art and design and we used Japanese drummers to create an unexpected ‘wow’ moment and to build momentum for the evening.

  1. Embrace innovation in event tech

Digital innovation is key to enhancing the participant experience. It allows for collaboration, pulse checks and real-time feedback using tools such as a conference app to help facilitate friendly competition and social interactions.

  1. Keep the conversation going

Challenge yourself to consider how the event can live on. Whether that’s in the form of take-home materials or GIFs from photo booths, keep your audience talking. Create ways for them to reminisce through post-event comms (for example create a wrap video – make it fun so they never forget the great time they’ve had).