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An internal communications
framework that just works.

We'll help you create a two-way interaction channel that will encourage collaboration.

Every organisation should tailor its mix of internal communication tools to fit the unique needs and preferences of its team.

Effective internal communication hinges on a robust strategy. Firstly, we need to examine if your current channels and the methods of content delivery are serving their purpose or if they are preventing valuable content from reaching employees.

The aim of an internal communication strategy and ecosystem review is to assess the current internal communications strategy, channel and tactics mix to ensure this is achieving engagement objectives.

Internal communication requires a total business mindset.

When you develop an internal communication framework you need to consider the following five essential elements.



The internal communications strategy aims to define your objectives, establish strategic execution principles, assess current and future states, set a consistent tone of voice, and clarify its purpose to strongly support broader organisational ambitions.



Clarity on who you're talking to, listening to, how and where to engage them. You can do this with the right tools to understand your audience sentiment to inform how to make organisational wide messages relevant for each group.



Your strategy should outline key messages to ensure a consistent approach, define the campaign phases, and enhance your leaders' ability to convey these messages with conviction.



An aligned channel and tactic ecosystem, with messages and phases sequenced to sync with organisational events and rhythms.



A blueprint to inform your internal resourcing, ways of working and measures of success. Capturing ongoing feedback and techniques for responsive course-correction throughout the duration of each campaign.

Building an integrated internal communication system

The criteria of success is underpinned by the following three pillars

The roles are clear and each demonstrate the desired behaviours.

Leaders, Comms Champs, Internal Comms Teams and all Employees
are aligned.

Your People

You have a strong operating rhythm with sequential forums with clear purposes.

Developing engaging content.
Sending a message (who, when and how). Predictable rhythms. Discipline.

Your Process

You are armed with effective tools to
execute and monitor performance.

Channels & Tactics. Measurement. Insights. Responsive course-correction.

Your Performance